special highlights

2019 Gift Giving Drive

Regal Heights partnered with NYC Queens Community Board 3 for the annual Gift Giving drive. ... more

Ugly Sweater Day 2019

Regal Heights Rehabilitation and Health Care Center’s staff and residents alike enjoyed the Ugly Sweater Day. ... more

2019 Halloween Party

Fun was in the air as the Regal Heights staff dressed up for the annual Halloween party for the residents’ entertainment. ... more

2019 Leon Von Holden Health Fair

Regal Heights Rehabilitation and Health Care Center was a proud partner of NYC Queens Community Board 3’s annual Leon Von Holden Health Fair. ... more

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

Regal Heights residents were treated to a special show of the Calpulli Mexican Dance Company. ... more

It’s the Holiday Season at Regal Heights

... more

Regal Heights Celebrates Resident’s 100th Birthday

Mr. Raymond Hoeppner turns 100 on April 15. ... more

Regal Heights in the Queens Courier

View our excerpts from the Queens Courier and El Correo. ... more

Senior Leadership Award

Estela Divino is one of the honorees of the 2012 Rose Kryzak Senior Leadership Awards. ... more

North Shore-LIJ, Regal Heights Are Clinical Affiliates

North Shore-LIJ Health System announced the signing of a clinical affiliation agreement with Regal Heights Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. ... more

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Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists work with patients who have impairments, limitations, disabilities or changes in physical function and health status, resulting from injury or disease. Their roles include examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and interventions for achieving the highest function outcomes for each patient.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy program specializes in improving our patients’ ability to perform functional work skills commonly overlooked. Such functional work skills include improving hand-eye coordination, balance, fine motor skills, positioning for pressure relief, sequencing of events, and fall/safety training. The Occupational Therapists work closely with the Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists to maximize these skill sets in order to restore independence.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists apply their specialized skills to identify and treat communication and language disorders related to numerous pathologies. Pathologies may include difficulty using or understanding speech, difficulty feeding, chewing or swallowing, stroke, physical and learning disabilities, neurological disorders, and dementia.  Speech Therapists screen and evaluate communication deficits and related disorders, then develop a plan of care addressing specific needs.

Perfect Joint Program

The success of typical total joint arthroplasty surgeries depends on post-surgery rehabilitation. We have created a ten-day program for individuals who have undergone joint replacement (hip or knee). Our evidence-based program is specifically designed to help patients regain mobility, functional independence, and normality, and is suitable for all ages. Treatment modalities include functional, electrical stimulation, closed chain exercises, and progressive gait training.

Cardiac and Stroke Rehabilitation

Our stroke rehabilitation program works with patients to regain muscle tone and normal synergy pattern, restore normal function of upper and lower extremities, and regain normal mobility.

Rehabilitation of cardiac patients is mindful of the anxiety and fear that patients may experience that may interfere with therapy outcomes. Our cardiac rehabilitation program uses a multifaceted approach that addresses psychosocial needs as well as physical endurance and capabilities.

Cardiopulmonary tests are conducted within 24 hours of admission in order to establish a treatment plan. These tests are done weekly thereafter and upon the conclusion of the course of therapy. In order to measure the highest physical endurance and tolerance, patients are also monitored during their rehabilitation sessions using oximeter and Borg scale.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is a broad program to help improve those with ongoing breathing issues, such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, (COPD), sarcoidosis, and other illnesses. In addition to medical therapy and frequent visits, the staff of our “Breath for Life” program also provides excercise training, nutritional counseling, breathing strategies, and health education.

Post Surgical Care

We offer rehabilitation and specialized nursing care for post-surgical patients from a variety of surgeries, including joint replacement, intestinal surgery with or without ostomy, and cancer surgery. We understand the desire to return to everyday function and independence, and the importance of pain management. Our Pain Team and therapists offer an exciting, supportive environment and are committed to helping patients regain their highest functional level.

Dialysis Care

Just steps away, our campus abuts a state-of-the-art Hemodialysis Center renowned in New York City for its excellent outcomes. No need for “bag lunch,” our dialysis residents enjoy a hot meal pre- or post-dialysis, with total transport time measured in minutes. Our Dialysis Team approach, headed by a Nephrologist from the sister Dialysis unit, uses evidence-based practice to limit the disability and functional decline which may accompany chronic kidney disease.

Intravenous Infusion Therapy

Under Physician orders, we provide intravenous products to patients who otherwise would need to be cared for in a hospital or another type of acute-care facility. The most common infusion therapies we provide are antibiotic therapy, and hydration therapy. Our highly-trained nursing staff provides the proper administration of intravenous ("IV") drug therapy. 

Pain Management and Alternative Medicine

At Regal Heights, care for those who suffer pain is a priority. The Facility embraces an “integrative medicine” approach – a practice that combines both conventional and Complementary & Alternative Medical treatments for which there is evidence of safety and effectiveness. Examples include meditation, and acupuncture, a family of procedures involving the stimulation of specific points on the body using a variety of techniques, such as penetrating the skin with needles that are then manipulated by hand or by electrical stimulation. It is one of the key components of traditional Chinese medicine, and is among the oldest healing practices in the world. Regal Heights offers this approach as part of a comprehensive interdisciplinary Pain Management Program, headed by a Physician specialized in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, whose goal is to relieve pain and improve quality of life.

Wound Care

Our dedicated Wound Care Team oversees the healing of wounds due to pressure, circulatory issues, diabetes or surgery. The team includes a specially-trained Registered Nurse, a Surgeon, Podiatrist Wound Care consultants, Registered Dietitian, Physical Therapist, and Occupational Therapist. The team uses the latest evidence-based techniques to enhance healing and prevent infection.

Hospice Care

Palliative care is available to those facing life-limiting illness. Our hospice care program provides comfort care measures in accordance with the patient’s wishes. Interdisciplinary support is provided to address emotional and spiritual needs of both the patients and their families.

Respite Care

Being a caregiver for a family member at home can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. Our respite care program provides inpatient care, so that caregivers can take a break knowing that their loved one will receive 24-hour skilled nursing care.   

Bariatric Care

Regal Heights’ Bariatric Unit is designed to help the patient regain his or her health, and to meet an individualized goal, whether that be weight loss, avoiding weight gain, or focusing on heightened health awareness. Our specialized program includes exercise and fitness activities, physical and occupational therapy, patient education, social work counseling, and nutritional menus, and is supported by our skilled, dedicated team of physicians, therapists, dieticians, and psychologists. Our residents regain independence and return home with confidence.

Tracheostomy Care

Our tracheostomy care is provided under the supervision of a certified MD-Pulmonologist, in our exclusive “Breath For Life” program.  Our state-of-the-art equipment can easily monitor blood gases for an overview of lung function and tolerance.

Pleurx Catheters

Regal Heights’ staff is trained in the management of Pleurx Catheters, used in the management of patients with effusions, or fluid around the lung. The pleura, sac-like membranes that cover the lungs, normally contain a thin film of fluid that makes it easy for the lungs to expand and contract. However, if too much fluid accumulates in this space, it can limit the ability of the lungs to expand. The pleurx catheter, inserted in the hospital, is used for periodic drainage of the excess fluid.

Specialized dementia programs

We recognize that patients with dementia have complex and varied needs. Our dementia unit provides a secure environment and a wide range of specialized cognitive activities.  These activities are conducted by specially-trained and dedicated staff, and address behavior such as wandering and restlessness. 

Learn about the Snoezelen Room.

Discharge Planning and Homecare

Our interdisciplinary team coordinates all aspects of discharge planning in order to safely send our patients home. When needed, homecare services (visiting nurse, home health aide, physical and/or occupational therapy, social work services) are arranged, and medical equipment is ordered. Assistance is also provided with placement in various levels of care, including assisted living communities.

Assistance with Medicaid applications

We are happy to assist with submitting Medicaid applications. Our staff will guide patients and their families through the challenge of applying for benefits and with understanding the Medicaid process.

Long-term placements

Every effort will be made to accommodate patients appropriate for long-term placement. The interdisciplinary team works closely with patients and their families to determine suitability for long-term placement and will assist with obtaining proper placement as needed.